Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Praying for my precious Papaw

A week and a half ago my 91 year old Papaw (my dad's dad) was trying to fix his mailbox with some type of welding type tool and a spark flew on to his shirt that had some gas on it and it caught on fire. They live out in the country in Mississippi. Thankfully the lady that comes and helps them during the week was there and helped put the fire out and drove him to the hospital. He was later air lifted to a burn center in Augusta, GA where he has been since. 9% of his body was burned with most of it being 3rd degree. He made it through a 5 1/2 hour surgery the following Saturday where they did 3 different skin grafts. He has numerous other health issues including diabetes and heart problems so the doctors have been amazed at how he has done so far.
Today they are wanting to send him home feeling like he will recover at home much better than being somewhere so far from home and away from my mamaw (they've been married almost 75 years). I am asking that you pray for him today and for my dad and step mom. The doctors are wanting my dad to drive him home. Currently he can barely stand up or walk and my dad is just very concerned and stressed wondering how they are going to make the drive with him and take care of him. Please pray for wisdom for all involved. For patience, understanding, strength, and safe travel. I know God has brought him this far and will continue to be with them. Praying for a full recovery and that through it all God will get all the glory! Thanks so much!

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