Wednesday, June 24, 2009

visit to Lake Martin

Trip to Lake Martin...Camp Windy Point...visiting Greg's Family
we had a great that place...simply gorgeous...One of God's beautiful creations!!!

The Boys and Didi Pop having a practice fishing lesson...

Lily and Didi...

Thomas and his second fish he can't see it, but I promise it was there!

Cutie fisherman...future Auburn Tiger!!!

Owen, Greg's sister's oldest son, meeting Lily for the first time...

say cheese...

Aunt Leah and Lily meeting for the first time...thanks for coming to see us, we had such a good time visiting...see you in Atlanta soon!

Thomas and Ethan, Leah's youngest son, playing in the police car...too cute

the gang...enjoying the ride

Lily's first trip to the beach

Our trip to the beach with my mom and family:

Lily in the pool...didn't like the cold water...

snoozing in her tent...true beach bum!

Lil' beach diva...

My sweet friend L. A. drove to the beach for the day with her precious daughters (youngest is 4 weeks old) to visit us! Had a wonderful time! Thanks L.A. and mama Drew for was sooo good to see all of you! Miss you so much!

the kiddos and mommy...never could get them both to cooperate!

Gran and Thomas having fun in the pool!!!

sweet beach boy

Lily in her cute new suit!!!

Mabry and Thomas

loving the bumbo....

jumping waves with PapaCarl...

my cute sis Shelby

Lily's first time on the beach!!

cool dude

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again

Update to follow soon, but for now here are some pictures of our recent travels and to give you an idea of what all we have been up to...
My TEXAS basket I got at my going away dinner...thanks girls!

He, he, he...sorry girls, I think I told you this wouldn't show up on here, but it is such a good memory I had to share it!!!

My sweet friend Amy...I started tearing up just posting this picture...Miss you!!!

All the girls at my going away you girls! Thanks for everything!!!! I miss you all so much! Start planning that road trip to the Carolina's...

Our visit to Cleveland, MS....

Our good friends The Kittrell's with Lily and their younger daughter Daylen...Their older daughter, drew Lily a sweet picture that stayed by her bed her entire hospital sweet!

Thomas and Trace...(a.k.a. TROUBLE) Too cute!

The Starnes, our former pastor and his wonderful wife...we are so thankful for them and our Covenant Church family who so faithfully prayed for us and Lily...we miss yall!

Caroline and Lily...sweet daughter of our friends the Hendons whose house we stayed at while visiting Cleveland...also Thomas' sleep mate, too sweet...thanks for your help Caroline

Grayson and Lily...Caroline's twin sister...they both have been faithful to pray for Lily and were such a big help with Lily and Thomas during our visit...

all the kiddos...too funny

some of my former co-workers in Cleveland...a.k.a. my Cleveland family...wonderful friends who I miss so much! Thanks girls for everything!!!

On the road again is an understatement for what we have been doing the past few weeks. We have been quite crazy lately which has attributed to my lack of new posts and pictures. So sorry, but most days I don't even know what day it is!! More pictures to come soon with the rest of our journey...