Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aunt Allison, Pop, Thomas, Holley, and Nana

Pop and Lily

Nana and Lily in B'ham

the girl cousins...Cally, Caton, and Lily

My sisters, Allison and Leslie

My sister Lauren's 3 beautiful kids with Thomas and Lily...pretty cute bunch!!!


Pop and Nana with the grand kids...


Colby and Thomas riding down pop and nana's driveway on some old school big wheels...fearless!!!

We all were able to fly to B'ham a few weeks ago to be with my dad at his formal military retirement ceremony. It was such an honor to be there and support him. We are so proud of him and his many many years of service to our great nation!

Lily also got to meet her cousins for the first time as well as my sisters, Leslie and Allison. We also got to see some good friends and their new babies. It was a great trip and visit and like always, not long enough...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lily's Great Great Grandmother who she was named after...This was their first time to meet...very special meeting for me!

Lily meeting one of her Great grandfather's for the first mom's dad

Lily meeting another Great grandfather for the first stepdad's dad

My sister Shelby with me and the kids...thanks for all your help aunt Shelby!!! Thomas loves her!!!

PapaCarl and Lily

Gran, Lily, and Thomas

Lily got to go to my mom's house for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was a great and special time for all of us because she was finally able to meet so many of her relatives! She did great and enjoyed all of the extra attention!! Thomas of course had a blast staying with Gran and PapaCarl and Aunt Shelby a few extra days while Lily and I flew home! His first trip without us...such a big boy now!

Lily's Baptism

The family

waiting...this is one of the good pictures of thomas...

Our Pastor, Leo after the baptism

Lily's beautiful gown and bonnet were made by a very special family friend, Ann Wadsworth. All of the Dickinson grand kids have been baptised in it and she has sewn their initials into it. She made this bonnet especially for Lily. I loved it!!! Thanks Ann!

She looks like a little doll

Cute booty...

pretty blue eyes...

visiting Bo and Whitney...

holding hands with pal Andrew...

sitting in Bumbo chair for the first time...

I think she likes it..

Lily has now reached the whopping 10lb mark!!!! I am so excited about this achievement. I have wanted her to be 10lbs for so long. At her last couple of visits she was doing very well. Nothing major to report, thank you Lord!! At her Nephrology appointment this week she had another renal ultrasound that came back clear and her BP has remained where the docs want it so we are trying her off her BP meds this week and go back next week to recheck it. Hopefully we will get to stay off the medicine.

Lily has rolled over a couple of times from her stomach to her back. I think it is just because she hates tummy time!! She is trying to sit up using her abs a lot... it is really funny to watch. She is taking 4oz of formula now from a bottle about every 3 hours. She is finally getting easier to feed, yea! She is still sleeping through the night like a wonderful little baby!!!! She is very relaxed and content most of the time, grinning at anyone who will talk to her. I love looking into those big blue eyes and getting a big gummy grin back!!! Priceless!!