Sunday, July 25, 2010

First family hiking trip...

These are some pictures from our hiking trip to Hanging Rock State Park. It was our first hiking trip with the kids. They loved it! Thomas had a blast seeing all the water falls and loved using the map to tell us which way to go! It was beautiful and only took us about 40min to drive there from our house. We are looking forward to more trips like this.

You might notice in some of the pictures that Thomas is soaking wet. Right after hiking to the first waterfall, Greg slipped on a rock with Lily on his back hitting Thomas and causing him to fall into the freezing cold water. I of course was trying to get a picture of all of them and couldn't get to Thomas fast enough! He fell just perfectly in between two rocks and wasn't hurt at all. It scared us all but Thomas handled it perfectly and within a few minutes was ready to go back into the water! What a trooper!

Lily update...22 months

This video is only a glimpse into how wild and crazy Lily and Thomas get when they start playing together. This activity of chasing each other around the house happens after every meal while I am trying to clean up. They both love it and laugh and scream the whole time. However it usually ends with someone (usually Lily) getting hurt. Imagine that!

I wanted to update you on Lily. It has been a while since I've talked about her and her progress. I wish I could say that the vomiting has stopped or at least gotten better, but unfortunately it hasn't. I will say that her random episodes of vomiting are fewer now which is good. At least now we are learning the warning signs and can sometimes make it to the toilet or trash can or just avoid getting it all over ourselves. She mostly now vomits when she gets hurt, scared, really upset and when we leave her, like at nursery. This is the third Sunday in a row that she has vomited at church! UGH!! But it is also totally affecting her sleep. We can't just put her to bed and let her cry because she will throw up. So nap time and bed time now are very stressful.

She is still on Prevacid and after trying another medicine and after several months with her current GI doctor, we decided it was time to move on. She now has an appointment with a pediatric GI doctor at Duke. I know this is probably where she should have been all along since it is very comparable to where she was in Houston and they are used to dealing with preemies like Lily. So I am anxious for the appointment which isn't until August 30th. So for now we just hope and pray for a few vomit free days!

She has quite the personality these days. She is very independent and stubborn! She climbs anything and everything. I will be doing the dishes in the kitchen and turn around and she is on top of the kitchen table, or climbing the shelves in the pantry, or climbing in anything she thinks she might can fit in. She loves playing outside and loves watching her big brother Thomas and wants to do everything that he is doing. She can climb the rock wall on the swing set and climbs the monkey bar ladder all the way to the top! She absolutely has no fear with anything. Even water. She loves being in the water and will just jump right off the side or stairs ready or not! She is really funny. She will try to say or do just about anything you ask her to. She loves making you laugh and will continue to force her funny little laugh if she sees you are laughing! She absolutely loves playing in the dirt and mulch! The dirtier she is the happier she is! Greg asked me yesterday if I thought she would every play with dolls! Who knows. She is truly her own little person!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slide show of our trip to Lake Martin

Our last stop was to Greg's parent's beautiful home on Lake Martin. We were excited that we got to pick daddy up at the airport on the way there. We love going to the lake and always have such a great time there. It brings back so many special memories especially since we were married there! This was Lily's first time to really get in the lake. She loves the water but really wanted to get in without her life jacket! Both kids loved the boat and Thomas really loved driving the boat. We enjoyed spending time with Greg's sister Leah and her two precious boys, Owen and Ethan. It was so much fun watching all the kids playing together. We also got to see a lot of other extended family which was great. Thomas, Lily, and Greg went to the farm in Goodwater, AL and the kids got to ride a little horse named Buddy! Thomas loved it but I think Lily was more interested in the dog! We all had a great time and were sad to end our trip to Alabama. Looking forward to seeing all of our family again soon!

Slide show of our trip to Hartselle, AL

So, our next stop in our three week vacation was to Hartselle, AL to visit my mom, step dad, and sister Shelby. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing my great-grandmother who Lily is named after and seeing my Granddaddy and step grandmother, and my aunt and cousin. The kids had a lot of fun swimming, eating yummy food, and playing with the cats and dogs. Thomas was super spoiled with a lot of one on one attention from my sister and mom! I also got to get out and do a little shopping in the cute downtown shops. Thanks Gran and Papa Carl for a great visit!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Slide show of our beach pictures. Press play to get it to start. I couldn't figure out how to do a normal slide show so I had to do it as a movie! Whatever works, right?

So, it has been quite a while since I last updated the blog so I have lots to catch up on. For now, I am going to start with the most recent. About a month ago the kids and I took a 3 week trip to visit family in Alabama while Greg traveled with work for a couple of weeks. We started our vacation at the beach with my dad, Leigh, my sisters Leslie and Allison, and my sister Lauren and her 4 kids. Needless to say our condo was quite crazy with that many kids! We had a great time and Thomas and Lily loved catching up with their cousins. Lily LOVED the beach and ocean! I was super excited that she seemed to have taken after me with her love for the beach! Her first day in the sand she did a belly flop right into it and starting moving her arms around like she was making a snow angel. Thomas loved the ocean and liked to build sand castles but he is a lot like his daddy and really didn't care for the sand to be anywhere but on the beach! :-) We missed daddy but loved hanging out with Nana and Pop and my sisters and nieces and nephews.

My next blog will have pictures from our next stop in Alabama!